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Eastern Cape

 The Eastern Cape offers some of the most varied landscapes in the country. From the ancient forests of Tsitsikamma, to the rugged coastline of the Wild Coast, to the arid expanse of the Great Karoo and the jagged edges of the southern Drakensberg, this province has a bit of everything. Sunshine is the one thing that is not in short supply here and the coastline is the premiere spot in South Africa for all manner of watersports. Surfing, sailing, angling and many others are just the beginning of what is available in the Eastern Cape and far from the all that is available.

Addo Elephant Park Jeffery's Bay
Tsitsikamma Forest Wild Coast



Safety and Travel Tips
Courtesy of the Eastern Cape Tourism Board

The Eastern Cape is as safe as any other destination in the world. As a visitor to and guest of our beautiful province, your enjoyment and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. Crime, like anywhere else in the world, can be a problem, but you really need not do much more than take all the usual sensible precautions.
Tips for staying out of trouble
DO NOT pick up hitchhikers
DO NOT resist if confronted
DO NOT accept lifts from strangers
DO NOT swim alone on a deserted beach
DO NOT be tempted into pavement games or gambling
DO NOT leave your property unattended in a public place
DO NOT swim after consuming alcohol immediately after a meal
DO NOT walk alone at night, especially in dark streets or beaches
DO NOT draw unnecessary attention to money or jewellery on your person
DO NOT travel off the beaten track without informing someone and asking for advice
DO NOT venture into township areas unless you are part of a tour group led by a reputable tour guide
DO NOT buy gold, diamonds or other seemingly valuable items offered for sale on the street

DO lock your car doors at all times
DO lock valuables in the hotel safe
DO lock your hotel door at all times, whether you are in the room or not
DO check your route before leaving the hotel
DO make use only of reputable taxi companies
DO contact the police immediately after a crime
DO park in well-lit areas when going out at night
DO listen to the advice of your host or hotel personnel
DO lock your personal items and luggage in the boot of the car


The weather in the eastern cape is characterised by two distinct regions: coastal and inland.

The coastal weather is generally sub-tropical. Summers are long and hot with the majority of the rainfall occurring during this season. Winters are moderate and generally short with very little rainfall. Cold snaps do occur during the winter months so be prepared.

The inland weather is distinguished from the coastal weather by the higher altitudes as one heads inland. Commensurate lower temperatures due to the higher altitude are common with much cooler nights than can be expected near the coast. Snow is common on the mountains during the winter months.


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