Jefferey's Bay

For many international visitors, Jeffrey’s Bays is probably the most well-known destination in the Eastern Cape. The city is famous for its excellent waves and surfers from all over the world congregate here to test their skills. Even though surfing is the main attraction of Jeffrey’s Bay, it is not the only one. The area around the city has many natural destinations and activities as well.

Surfing does remain the major tourist trade for Jeffrey’s Bay. The beach is a certified blue flag beach, making it one of the best beaches in the world. Each year the city hosts the Billabong Pro surfing tournament. It is an opportunity for surfers from all over to come show their skills while visitors who come for the tournament pack the city full. This annual tournament has lead to a cosmopolitan mix of people that is immediately visible in the city.

If the beach is not the preferred destination, then Jeffrey’s Bay also offers other distractions. Not too far from the city are the Kabeljous, Seekoei and Krom River lagoons. These natural lagoons are home to a wide variety of waterfowl indigenous to the area. The wide lagoons also offer the perfect location for a variety of other water sports.

Jeffrey's is a world-famous surfing destination

For those not interested in water sports, Jeffery’s Bay also has two nature reserves quite near the city. The Kabeljous Nature Reserve is the closest. It is a walk around nature reserve where cars are discouraged. This reserve is well-known amongst anglers who come here for the wide variety of fish species that call the waters of the Kabeljous River home. The Seekoei River Nature Reserve is the ideal place to go for a hike through the natural scenery of the area. Fishing is not prohibited but boat fishing is, making this the preferred spot for hikers and campers. It is home to nearly 120 different species of birds – a must for bird lovers.

Surfing and wildlife aside, Jeffery’s Bay has many other activities in and around the city. As a place that grew from a small fishing town into the surfing Mecca of Africa, the possibilities are endless. Just a few of the possible activities include bungee jumping, horse riding, quad bike safaris and many other extreme and adventure sports. Also remember the variety of shopping available from the eclectic population where visitors are likely to find nearly anything if they look hard enough.

Jeffery’s Bay will probably always remain the surfing capital of South Africa, but there is so much more on offer. Whether you come to visit the eclectic mixture of stores that populate the burg, to see the wildlife in the surrounding reserves or to catch some waves, Jeffery’s Bay is a great place to visit.


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